The conclusion of the fall semester means athletic and academic honors for student athletes in the East Central College Athletic Department. Another semester with high academic achievement sets the tone for a successful year. The college honors students with a 3.85 GPA or higher by making the President’s List and a 3.50 GPA higher as making the Vice President’s List.

President’s List

Makayla Buscher- Women’s Softball

Mallory Feldewerth- Women’s Softball

Seeley Friend- Women’s Softball

Lauren Grunwaldt- Women’s Softball

Jessica Kelly-Women’s Volleyball

Arman Kovac- Men’s Soccer

Alyssa Moore- Women’s Softball

Billy Thompson- Men’s Soccer


Vice President’s List

Marissa Boyd- Women’s Softball

Katelyn Gaus- Women’s Softball

Joel Konteh- Men’s Soccer

Kaley Roper-Women’s Volleyball

Nicole Roper-Women’s Volleyball

Kayla Schmidt-Women’s Volleyball

Leonard Sowa- Men’s Soccer

Samantha Staab- Women’s Volleyball


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